Betos, A client-oriented company.

. Our Company was founded in 1983 in Cordoba, Argentina when a man with a dream, Miguel Ángel Alterio, purchases a small local bar named “Betos” and envisions a warm, relaxing place where families, friends and colleagues would gather to enjoy themselves.

Beto’s focused on “lomitos”, the most popular local sandwich made of premium sirloin steak and other top-quality ingredients. Soon, the bar was the choice of preference for Cordobeses, where customers would enjoy not only a cheerful environment but a restaurant where they could watch first-hand how their “lomitos” where prepared to order. Dedication, the best ingredients and a unique flavor quickly made Beto’s lomitos a distinctive product in the whole city. Beto’s success was born.

It’s logo: the product. The home specialty.

When Alterio realized that their product was a success Betos registered as a trademark and the brand associated with the word 'Tenderloin' thus was born the famous: ' Betos LOMO' a steak sandwich with a special dressing , only. As the beef tenderloin was booming they began to combine different flavors with other cuts (pork, chicken) which was intended to increase the supply of the product portfolio and give more variety to the brand, while preserving the original recipes.

The expansion

In a span of 14 years, “Betos” grew both in popularity and number of stores, developing different formats for its restaurants and expanding its success to different regions. Each format had a purpose and was customized to serve either walk-in patrons, a determined area in the city with a fast delivery system, or just people shopping inside a mall.

The reasons of success

Once the franchising system was implemented the overall operation was standardized, with franchisees getting comprehensive manuals ruling the layout of stores, the quality of the process, the personalized service, and many key other aspects of the business.

The quality of the products has always been the #1 priority, a true emblem for the Company. From the beginning, the keys for success were the careful selection of suppliers and ingredients, the close partnership with top beverage brands, and a policy of constant attention to detail. Solid bases for a Company that wanted to expand beyond the city where Beto’s was born.

In the year 2000, Beto’s started an aggressive national expansion process. Patagonia, in Southern Argentina, was the first launching of a store outside Cordoba. Then, Mendoza, the land of the wines. In 2002, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, saw the first “Beto’s” -a store inside a mall- establishing the beginning of a steady sequence of new locations in that city.

Currently, “Betos” has restaurants in 18 provinces in Argentina, with a total of 90 stores. 20 of those business units belong to Betos, and 70 are franchised operations. The Company has about 1,300 employees and generates jobs for a large number of suppliers, associates, partners, professional service offices, satellite companies and many more people that work in close contact with us. Betos is today a true business developer that constantly creates opportunities within the restaurant industry.

Our product portfolio is made up of 18 items that involve 45 ingredients in the process.

For 2016, our expansion plan focuses on the USA and Central America. Between 2017 and 2020, our plan includes expanding into Latin America, starting with Argentina’s bordering countries (Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil).


To keep ourselves in constant evolution, adapting our management to market changes and the needs of our clients to ensure a continuous-improvement process in the Worldwide market of fast food, adhering to strict quality standards for our products and the most efficient production processes.


Be the worldwide leader in DEVELOPING the concept of “lomitos” and EXPANDING the idea with our unique brand and style. To offer a rewarding experience in our stores, where our fast food products be regarded as superior, healthy and unique, and promoting always our constant improvement.


  • Quality of raw material.
  • Continuous improvement of operating processes.
  • Safe and Clean.
  • Teamwork.
  • Collaboration and Communication with our franchisees.
  • Honesty and Respect.
  • Constant coaching and training
  • Committed to environment sustainability.